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What are the benefits of LED lights? 2016-11-18
When it comes to LED, we must first talk about why it is so fire, we all know that the current mainstream car headlights no more than two categories: halogen headlamps and xenon lamps (high-intensity gas discharge lamp), the gradual rise of the LED lights Compared to these two mainstream headlamps What are the advantages?
How to Identify the Quality of LED Headlamp Bulb 2016-11-18
LED headlamp bulbs identify the quality of good or bad, mainly to see a scattered one together. Is the cooling cooling problem, poly is the problem with the condenser light. Solve the problem of poor heat, the first impact LED bulb life, the second impact of power and light efficiency thus affecting the luminous flux output of the lamp.
Reasons and Solutions of Headlamp Water Intake in Automobile 2016-11-18
At present, there are three main reasons for car water: First, the lights have been modified, remove the headlights after the re-installation is not close, the water infiltration from the gasket. The second is the car parts of the collision occurred, the lights appeared cracks or body deformation affect the sealing headlamps, so that there is a gap.

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