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Reasons and Solutions of Headlamp Water Intake in Automobile


At present, there are three main reasons for car water:

First, the lights have been modified, remove the headlights after the re-installation is not close, the water infiltration from the gasket.

The second is the car parts of the collision occurred, the lights appeared cracks or body deformation affect the sealing headlamps, so that there is a gap.

Third, the lamp technology, but not customs or gasket aging and other non-human nature, there may be headlights behind the dust cover and other parts of the rubber gasket out of the question. Of course, the vehicle wading, practical high-pressure water cannons car washing is possible to make headlights into the water.

If the vehicle headlamps too much water inside, then it is necessary from the demolition, and open the shade, dry, check the surface of the headlamps without damage or possible leakage, if no abnormalities, the proposed replacement of headlights Back cover seal and ventilation pipe and other hardware devices. If there is only a layer of mist, then in the sun or open the headlamps can be dried.

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